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CGPR, a wholly owned subsidiary of French/​West/​Vaughan, is a public relations firm with a consumer focus, leveraging a wide scope of expertise on behalf of clients that are established leaders in their industries. The agency provides first-class customer service that generates long-term relationships with clients, averaging a minimum of five to seven years, above the industry average. This broad experience enables CGPR to utilize its expertise across a variety of categories including media relations, social media, corporate communications, government relations, crisis management, and strategic planning. For more information, please contact us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.


The CGPR team has more than 30 years of experience in active consumer public relations.

We leverage this extensive experience, add in strategic creativity, hard work, and accountability, to win big on behalf of our clients. As skiers, sailors, and fashion aficionados, we bring a deep passion and energy to the work every day.


adidas Outdoor

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Applied DNA Sciences



Outdoor Retailer



adidas Terrex

"CGPR is not a PR agency, it is much more. Since joining forces with Chris and her team when we launched adidas Outdoor in the United States over 7 years ago, CGPR utilized its business expertise and category prowess to help move this brand forward. Before engaging in any particular PR initiative, CGPR looks at all factors including the retail climate, brand challenges, and the best opportunities in order to reach a goal. CGPR considers what is going on with the adidas brand globally and how that impacts what we need to accomplish. This worldly view enables CGPR to adapt and position adidas Outdoor positively in light of the global momentum. In addition, CGPR’s understanding of the world of fashion and how it is impacting our brand and vice versa, allows us to excel where fashion and performance intersect. Lastly, CGPR’s long standing relationships with key business and fashion media have been an incredible asset opening doors and making critical introductions where our messages havebeen heard loud and clear. If you are looking for smarts, the ability to turn on a dime and 24-7 service, I wholeheartedly recommend CGPR."

– Greg Thomsen | Managing Director, North America

"You achieved an objective, exceeding them (“O” magazine), and I learned about professional PR watching you work. I look forward to seeing you in the halls in Denver and hope our paths continue to cross and align in the future."

– Ross Saldarini | CEO and Founder

"Applied DNA Sciences chose CGPR to translate a complex technology into an easy to understand story that resonates with our clients and partners. We are thrilled to be working with CGPR because of their ability to integrate of our message to our target audiences, and for the commitment to consistent positioning of our CertainT platform."

– MeiLin Wan | Vice President, Textile Sales

CGPR provides solid strategic thinking that is way beyond cookie cutter and simple media relations. As Kelty has evolved during the last few years, broadening its product offerings and target consumers, CGPR factored in industry trends, our business goals and how public relations can grow the business when developing its PR plan. With a strong eye on ROI, CGPR consistently produces sold results using their years of experience to ensure that our budget is working 100% and then some. The Agency is very tuned into national lifestyle and technology trends and has been adept at making our brand relevant to those trends landing us in the Wall Street Journal twice – among many other high visibility placements. Chris and her team always think big picture and regularly bring suggestions to us that are high level. I appreciate that creativity and ability to see the big picture. CGPR is not a PR vendor; the agency is a member of our team and we are are excited about the momentum we have generated together."

– Eric Greene | Sr. VP/GM

"CGPR’s ability to think big picture has been an integral part of our collective success. Our initial ask of the Agency was to drive visibility outside of the narrow focus of the outdoor category. CGPR has exceeded this goal by a long shot serving as a sharply focused brand partner that sees the possibilities of the LifeStraw brand beyond public relations. Whether this is driving awareness during an important sales period, providing guidance on a marketing partnership, or introducing a connection relating to female leadership, we have a true marketing partner in CGPR. I greatly value the Agency’s expertise, spirit of collaboration and ability to offer up suggestions that are not on my radar. Lastly, in a news cycle that is non-stop, I am always amazed at the Agency’s 24-7 ability to stay on top of trends, day or night. We look forward to having CGPR in the trenches with us in the future."

– Tara Lundy | Head of Brand

CGPR has been an invaluable communications partner for Outdoor Retailer, especially during the recent transitions this past year. From the very beginning of our journey together, Chris and her team have been there for us 24-7, giving us sound advice with reasoned explanation. Throughout this time, we knew we could always count on a seasoned response and fair counsel regardless of the opportunity or challenge; this comes from CGPR’s unique blend of experience in trade shows, government relations and corporate communications. We have the utmost confidence in CGPR and look forward to continued collaboration.

– Marisa Nicholson | Vice President

"We worked with CGPR initially on a special project to launch Safariland’s new CAS™ auto-activation technology, which included development and execution of multiple activities and PR programs at a key trade show based upon our sponsorship level. They dove in and in a very short time CGPR produced solid results, in turn becoming an indispensable member of our team. They’ve since become our public relations agency of record and their passion and commitment are second to none. CGPR not only focuses on results, but cares about the process and forms real relationships with the clients they serve. They are especially adept at thinking about the big picture and helping us see beyond day to day tactics. They provide expert guidance on everything from new product launches and PR opportunities to crisis management with consistently great outcomes. Anyone looking for a true partner in building a brand would be lucky to work with CGPR.”

Hope Sjursen
Director, Marketing Operations, Safariland

"For more than six years, CGPR served as a constant advocate for our brand, our narrative, and our growth. The steadying presence and stellar work delivered by Chris and her team led to establishing PrimaLoft as a category leader and technology innovator, while highlighting the critical differentiation found in our products. The culmination of those years of effort helped to expand PrimaLoft’s presence in the world of outdoor, fashion and home textiles. Chris and her team had a keen understanding of our technologies, and successfully collaborated with our brand partners. CGPR was an integral part of our journey.”

Michael Joyce
President and CEO

"Over the course of the past 10 years, CGPR played an integral part in the
U.S. launch and growing success of the adidas Outdoor business and
specifically our brand adidas Terrex. Chris and her team drove the PR
initiatives that established the brand and its point of difference within a
very crowded industry. At the same time, they helped to establish the
greater community support for our brand.

CGPR’s execution of the communications strategy has been instrumental in
helping pave the way for the next phase of growth in the business and brand
under the adidas North America umbrella. She and her team have been the
utmost professionals ensuring that the transition to our internal PR teams
has been smooth. We highly recommend CGPR; this nimble team, would be an
asset to any brand looking for a strategic approach to PR that will drive a
brand forward. We wish her success in her future endeavors."

-Michael, adidas Terrex