Composed of skiers, sailors, and fashion aficionados, we bring a deep passion and energy to the work.

Why Work with Us

We are composed of dynamic communications experts who possess a genuine passion for storytelling. Each individual team member at CGPR plays a crucial role in building the culture, character, and success of the agency and helping to obtain our clients goals.

Results stem from hard work, creativity and a comprehensive strategic process. We work to accomplish short term, immediate, tangible results for our partnerships, as well as big-picture strategy.

We Are A Team

We are an integrated marketing communications team of problem solvers and go-getters, that works across a variety of categories including media relations, social media, influencer relations, corporate communications, government relations, crisis management, and strategic planning.


CGPR is an integrated marketing firm with a deep history in active, lifestyle consumer and hospitality brands and the technology that powers them. We leverage a wide scope of expertise on behalf of clients that are established leaders in their industries.

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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing first rate customer service truly digging into our clients’ long term goals. This has enabled us to have long term relationships longer than industry average.

Goals + Results

We tailor all our work strategically and tactically to our clients goals. The exceptional results in a variety of forms of media placements, storytelling, and communication efforts displays a proven track record.


We leverage our combined extensive experience, add in strategic creativity, hard work, and accountability, to win big on behalf of our clients. As skiers, sailors, hikers, dancers, parents and fashion aficionados, we bring a deep passion and energy to the work every day.

Dogs & Fun

We love our four legged furry friends. The way they hang in the office or greet us when we come home from a long day. Also, we are fun! We understand how to be professional but it’s important to have a sense of humor and make everyday fun.