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PR professionals at CGPR utilize a thoughtful approach for every client, and specializes in active lifestyle, technology, and travel brands.

Our team will curate compelling social media, handle community affairs, support your crisis communication and management, conduct media trainings, and handle all mergers and acquisitions with clarity. Let the professionals at CGPR plan and execute your events, media presence, product launches, and more. We’re here to help with long-term planning of your goals from a PR perspective. 

We know the importance of a consistent and uniform online presence. We also know the importance of engagement and communication with your audience. When you work with us, you receive a partnership committed to your success. Learn how we can improve the alignment of your media presence by utilizing a combination of digital strategy, event planning, and earned media. 

Let us help you define your brand with integrity and clarity, leverage your sales, and elevate to your potential. When you integrate media relations throughout all departments of your business, watch your engagement grow, and climb the charts toward reaching your goals. 

If you’re searching for a media partner, reach out to CGPR today. Get started utilizing PR and media relations as a tool for business growth.

What We Offer

Media Relations

We know media, and we think like them. Whether it is a blogger, segment producer, assignment editor or a beat reporter, we are adept at managing relationships with online, print and broadcast professionals to successfully engage media and communicate a client’s story, point of view or product technology. Regardless of whether a client is a start-up, a respected brand or a global giant looking to reposition, we know how to turn messaging into news. Once we have succeeded, we work hand in hand with clients to leverage media relations to drive their business forward. It is not just about garnering media coverage, we know how to integrate media relations into the business so it is integral tool for growth.

Crisis Management

With an unforgiving news cycle that is 24-7, it is much easier to make mistakes and much harder to work out of a bad, inarticulate message or a crisis. Our crisis management work comes from our experience working in Washington, D.C. in White House Congressional Liaison, lobbying for the City of New York and in New York City, working at City Hall for Mayor Edward I. Koch. We are expert at preparing clients for that unexpected emergency situation. Our crisis management utilizes time-tested tools; we blend those tools with the team’s first-hand experience providing one-on-one counsel in media training, speech writing, internal issues management, crisis management, and how to use social media effectively.

Strategic Counsel

One of the most valuable services we provide is incorporating public relations into our clients’ business strategy and developing an execution plan that is in close alignment. We not only dive deep into the immediate task at hand, but also, engage in detailed research into clients’ business’ goals, values and specific sales strategies. Whether a client needs a brand refresh or is introducing a new vision, we develop a communications plan that takes into consideration all audiences, internal and external, developing a tailored approach.

We work side by side with the C-suite, assuring the PR aligns with strategy from the very beginning, never an afterthought, so that we can be strategic with timing and communication. The result is a successful brand story that can meet changing consumer needs and has the ability to stay relevant in an evolving retail landscape while maintaining the core values of the company.

Reputation Management

Reputation management has never been more important, especially with the advent of social media, and the proliferation of news outlets. In order to shape public perception of our client, a communication plan must identify key message points. Efforts to connect with all parties involved will ensure that everyone is using the same messaging language. Our broad scope of experience in Washington, with large corporations, start-ups and mergers and acquisitions, gives us a sound base upon which to provide counsel. We have deep experience planning press conferences, ensuring CEO speeches are on-point, and choreographing outbound messages be it internal or external audiences. We come prepared with anticipated responses to tough questions, provide monitoring services for social media comments, both good and bad, and recommend responses if warranted.

Mergers and Acquisitions

CGPR advises clients on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. We help make transactions successful with well-timed and thoughtful communication to all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, media, the public, and investors. We assist our clients with strategic counsel leading up to the transaction, followed by message development and stakeholder engagement. Often times, we embed our team with leadership to provide onsite, timely support.

Human Resources/Internal Communications

Successful internal communications is critical for employee engagement and retention. We help our clients communicate affectively, and consistently, across internal teams and stakeholders. We create all messaging documents; writing internal HR memos and formulating the internal schedule for a formal in-house announcement.

Event Planning and Execution

CGPR has planned and executed diverse events across the country, and internationally. We’ve organized countless successful media show rooms in New York City, small intimate media dinners, as well as more complicated events including fashion shows and large press conferences. We’ve organized community and media events introducing brands to new audiences with platforms that vary from speaker series, to fitness classes to attending a Broadway show to a European weekend experience. From vision to on the ground execution, CGPR manages events nuts to bolts with a careful eye on ROI and details.

Social Media

The first step is to conduct a social media audit and then develop a plan with the client for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other applicable platforms; also creating relationships with bloggers. Tactics include live stream presentation, Facebook live, posting videos on Instagram and creating a blog that has a style unique to the client. We’ve helped clients with a broad spectrum of social needs, from setting up a look and feel, to content generation or specific detailed plans and execution around live events or activations.

Influencer Engagement/Ambassador Networks

We work in tandem with marketing initiatives to leverage influencers for campaigns. We leverage and build strong relationships with key media and make connections with industry experts. We have helped launch and leverage multiple successful influencer communication strategies including athlete networks and lifestyle bloggers. We know brand ambassadors are key to brand growth, as evidenced with the adidas Outdoor ambassador network.

Community Relations

Clients are wise to nurture community relations in the communities where they do business. We help them to raise awareness of new community engagement initiatives, charitable efforts and include an invitation to participate. We often advise our clients on building nonprofit partnerships, and provide guidance on how, if, and when if to communicate about such efforts.

Thought Leadership

PR can help elevate a brand leadership’s views and perspectives, elevating thought leadership within an industry. CGPR helps clients achieve this through content generation, op-eds, speaking engagements, event and sponsorship recommendations and influential award submissions. We understand your industry and your goals to position your voice as an impactful thought leader.

Media Training

It is critical for leaders and key stakeholders to be fluent in working with the media. We help our clients become media savvy so that they may clearly communicate their brand message. From body language, best practices to crafting concise, on brand messaging, we help clients control the situation, answer questions clearly and how to politely decline to comment when appropriate.

Trade Show Support

A successful tradeshow requires more than strategic sponsorships. We represent our clients at multiple tradeshows every year in the U.S. and internationally, making sure they garner the most media and buyer attention possible to make their exhibiting well worth the investment. We begin early by identifying the trends our clients will be showcasing at shows, and taking those trends to media to position our clients as valuable resources. We schedule and staff media appointments at the shows, making sure our clients have full schedules and fully take advantage of their time. We wrap up shows with thoughtful recap reports so there is clear understanding of what follow up should take place and what learnings can be incorporated into the next show.

We investigate thought leadership options to leverage clients’ CEOs at key industry panels or roundtables.

Outdoor Retailer, the largest trade show for the outdoor retail market, relies on us three times a year. We work in tandem with all affiliated groups involved, taking into consideration their corresponding marketing initiatives. Identifying target audiences and developing a communications plan with press materials for local and national media, tactics for social media, strategy for community relations, event support and trade show logistics.

Component Brand Experience

CGPR has a proven track record in working with respected component, ingredient brands which are driving the design and sustainability process forward in apparel, home textiles and the outdoor industries.

The agency has a keen understanding how to launch a technology, tell the story behind its development, and communicate its features and benefits for the purposes of B2B, as well as to consumers. Iconic component brands include W.L. Gore & Associates for 14 years, PrimaLoft, a global leader in synthetic insulation for six years, Coolcore, Microban, and Vibram. The agency is expert at engaging and educating decision makers e.g. product designers, using thought leadership initiatives and helping to establish a clear point of difference for the specific technology. CGPR’s work with W.L. Gore & Associates unveiled countless product launches, developed and executed experiential trips for media and provided strategic counsel. Most recently, CGPR launched PrimaLoft Bio the first biodegradable, recyclable synthetic insulation the world.

Why Work With Us

CGPR provides first class customer service that generates long-term relationships with clients, averaging a minimum of five to seven years, above the industry average.

Our team is comprised of public relations veterans who possess a genuine passion for the work they do everyday. Each individual team member at CGPR plays a crucial role in building the culture, character, and success of our agency.

Thanks to our dedicated family of employees, results come from hard work and our comprehensive planning process. Passion breeds success, and the team at CGPR is passionate about each and every client.

The companies we work with appreciate our dedication, as evidenced by our long-term relationships that span, on average, 5 to 7 years.