He was not my boss or my teacher.

He was not a friend or a colleague.

He was not a distant acquaintance.

He was not a speaker at a rally I attended.

He was not a member of my political party.

He was not the reason why I was drawn to politics at the start of my career.

He was not the reason I entered PR.


He was a breath of fresh air.

He was a class act.

He was an ardent defender of his passions.

He was a hero, a warrior, and a patriot.

He was a reason to listen to the news now because of the outpouring of respect showcasing that yes, the news cycle can be a good thing that reminds us of heart and soul.

He was an example of how to discuss differing points of views with respect for our opponents.

He was a reason to believe in public relations because of his amazing ability to communicate clearly regardless of whether you agreed with him or not.

He was a man of grace despite what some might call his rough edges.

He was a source of calm, a reason to hope that there are better times ahead.


And lastly, he was our cheerleader — one that is sorely needed now as he so eloquently shared in his final thoughts:

“Do not despair of our present difficulties, we believe always in the promise and greatness of America because nothing is inevitable here. Americans never quit, we never surrender, we never hide from history, we make history.”


By Chris Goddard