After a record-breaking winter, the city of Boston comes to life once again as it prepares for the 119th Boston Athletic Association’s Marathon. The city accumulated 110.3 inches of snow from November to March 2015, and an estimated $35 million was spent to remove it all. During these months, many local runners had to find alternative methods for training. Many say that they’ve become much more familiar with their treadmills’ as marathon-training clinics were cancelled citywide.

Many were on the fence about participating, and some even decided to skip running the marathon this year all together. It takes someone with a certain level of commitment to persevere through the tough training days of the winter.

Marblehead local Sally Reiley is among these dedicated individuals. Sally is running the Boston Marathon for the second time and is raising money for eye research at Mass Eye and Ear. The mother of five has always enjoyed running, and told us this past Wednesday how delighted she was to be running in shorts for the first time this year. We are excited to track our friend Sally and so many other runner pals along the course. To learn more about Sally and why she is running, please visit her fundraising page here.


Sally Reiley

The Boston Marathon continues to be a rallying point for Bostonians, our community and in the U.S. in general. It goes beyond just a race; it symbolizes strength, perseverance and an overall willingness to stand strong together. We look forward to attending the race on Monday, and we will be sure to post back on the victories and memories of the special day in Boston.