The Role of PR Companies

Today, journalists, reporters and assignment desks no longer gather their stories from press releases and quarterly updates. Clearly, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are playing an increasingly important role. The news cycle is 24-7 and is unforgiving at best.

For some companies, it is tough to be nimble enough to meet this demand. Not only does it take time and resources for companies to represent themselves to the public, but also, one wrong move can do serious harm to their reputation . Mistakes can happen in a single tweet or through a hot microphone, but the time it takes to fix mistakes is years, as that mistake lives alive and well on the Internet. Herein lies the value of public relations companies. Not just in the fact that they provide expertise, but more importantly, they provide an objective point of view.

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Building and Maintaining a Strong Reputation

Public opinion sways in the blink of an eye. It can be tough to predict exactly how people will respond to certain pieces of information, which means making a communication mistake is easier than many companies realize, and the mistake lives on years past the actual transgression

One social media crisis is all it takes to destroy the reputation of a company. Public relations specialists are experts in reading the trends of the industry and public to avoid any unintended negative fallout.

In addition to ensuring your brand isn’t damaged, a capable PR team will also help a company build a positive reputation throughout their industry and beyond.

Responding to Crises

Even when all the proper measures are taken to avoid a PR crisis, the unexpected can still happen. If a company finds themselves in the midst of a social media avalanche of negativity, limiting the damage is crucial to being able to effectively restore a company’s brand after the fact. This is a process, not a singular event.

Regardless of exactly what the crisis is, there is a correct way to respond to it. The importance of a company’s response during a crisis can often be overlooked without proper PR guidance. A misstep at this point can do permanent damage to a company’s reputation.

A professional PR team has a solid understanding of exactly how and when to go into “damage control” mode.

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Reaching Target Markets

The role of a public relations partner has significantly evolved and expanded to effectively locate and reach a target market.

Deciding where a brand should direct its message is a decision that should be driven by analytics and backed by data. Public relations teams can help companies maximize their marketing budget and get in front of a relevant audience, while delivering compact and effective marketing materials to deliver specific message of the company.
The value offered by public relations teams extends far beyond what’s mentioned in this blog.


Today, the best PR partnership results from when CEOs utilize their PR team as an internal resource in the trenches for good times and bad. Bringing PR in at the beginning of an initiative is essential. PR must help to drive business goals and cannot just be considered as an outsourced service. PR companies can help a business thrive.