I can’t help it. When people say negative things about any product produced by Apple, I feel the hairs on my neck stand up like a cat being threatened. A company that has introduced me to such easy ways to edit videos and photos, listen to music safely and protect me from viruses can do no wrong in my eyes.

And after the sleek style and simplicity of the iPhone graced my world, it was like the technology gods had designed it just for me. Paying bills on my phone, running apps simultaneously, playing Scrabble with five people at a time, learning what celebrities are doing in real time…what could get better than that?? So when the Wall Street Journal ran an article “Consumer Reports Slam New iPhone” I was already in a bad mood before I read the first sentence.

The article reports that Apple has failed to adequately address the problem of lost reception with the new iPhone 4G. I say who cares. True believers in the company know that if there is a problem with the phone, Mr. Steve Jobs will ride in on his “technology white horse” and save the day. He would never risk the reputation of his company or the trust of his consumers just to avoid bad press.

The article ends stating “…the signal problem hasn’t thus far slowed demand for the iPhone 4.”

My response: “Uh, duh!”

–Lauren Counter