Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you. This is my last blog, because today is my last day at CGPR. I’m gonna try as hard as I can not to make this blog sound like an Emmy acceptance speech where I gush, sweat, thank my second grade teacher and eventually get drowned out by the “you’ve gone on  way too long – no one cares about the winner of Best Sound Editing for a Made for TV Movie” music. I also hope it won’t be like that “acknowledgments” section of books that have an endless series of names no one ever reads. That and the section of books that tell you intricate details about the font in which the book was written take the cake for the lamest part of any book. But I do have some people to thank, so I’m gonna put on my imaginary tuxedo, run up to the stage, accept my statuette from Nicole Kidman, and launch right in:

Thank you to Chris Goddard. I really admire Chris as someone who built a successful business from the ground up. She loves what she does to death, and she takes real pride in her work. As head honcho, she could have just ignored a peon intern, but she worked really hard to make sure this was a fulfilling experience for me. I could stroll into her office totally unannounced and uninvited, and she would drop whatever she was doing to help me. I really thank Chris for a) giving me this internship in the first place and b) being an invaluable mentor to me. Good luck in the next Newport – Bermuda race.

Thank you to the whole team. Kristen, you’re an 8-ball full of energy. I love the rare person who is always in a good mood, as you are. I’ll continue to tweet for your benefit and send you e-mails about when I’m going to lunch…well into my 80s. When I’m at a nursing home, I’ll be sure to shoot you an e-mail saying, “River Glen Retirement Community is serving up split pea soup for lunch…should be back in hour, just thought you should know.”

Megan, thank you for getting me through so many projects unscathed – you were extremely patient with me as I worked my way through all sorts of assignments. But I guess if you’re able to meditate for 10 straight days without saying a single word you should be able to patiently answer my sometimes inept questions. I really enjoyed working with you.

Thank you to Eleanor, a.k.a. my future neighbor! I don’t care if you’re moving out as soon as I move in (a rather suspicious coincidence, don’t you find?) You and I will always share a common bond of the McIntire District. You were always the first person to send back an enthusiastic or congratulatory email to me – you were a kind of my personal cheerleader through the whole process, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you to Liz, who volunteered to help me sort through Himalayan-sized mountains of 180s inventory that I STILL haven’t finished cataloguing in (only the best of luck, future intern). I also appreciate you bringing in your 1-year-old (happy birthday!!) bulldog Bruce, who in turn appreciated the existence of my leg as something to lick for several minutes. Thank you also for all those Java Sun runs. Thank you for cheerfully deciphering my request for a coffee…any kind of coffee, I’m not sure. I still can’t remember what exactly it was that you bought for me.

Thank you to my fellow interns, Lauren and Ian. Lauren, or, rather, Lucille, even though my feet occasionally (by occasionally I mean all the time) touch you by accident, it’s still been real sharing an office with you. I like turtles, you like cat videos, and we both like Antoine Dobson. Y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, ’cause they’re rapin’ everybody out there. As a going away present, I’m gonna buy you a lifelong subscription to the Financial Times. Or actually, that’s sort of expensive, would you mind paying for half of it? Thanks, I knew you’d be happy to.

Ian, despite our initial CisionPoint wars, it’s been relatively smooth sailing (something you’d know a thing or two about) since we added the second Cision account. We both bring an MHS work ethic and competence to the table, and it was demonstrated in our exemplary finished products. Mrs. Hurwitz would be proud.

So the “go away” music has been playing for some time, and Nicole Kidman is giving me the evil eye because this speech has gone on too long and she needs to present the nominees for “Best Soundtrack for a Docudrama Mini-Series.” It seems like she gives everyone the evil eye, though. I don’t much care for her. Notice I didn’t include her in my list of thank-yous. So I’m going to ignore Nicole and say that that I’m really going to miss it here, and thank you all for this amazing opportunity.