During these strange days, the outdoors are providing solace for many. And while it can be a balancing act finding ways to get outside while observing the latest guidelines, there’s no question that we’ve all been reminded recently that nature is always there to guide us, inspire us, and ground us.

We decided to conduct a survey, to see if we could discover any patterns in the ways consumers are relating to the great outdoors right now. The results were encouraging. Over 80% of consumers surveyed said they did venture outdoors during Covid-19. Over 82% of consumers that discovered the outdoors for the first time during this pandemic said they would continue to stay engaged in outdoor activities. The top reasons for going outside were to exercise and get fresh air and sunshine, and the benefits on consumers’ lives are lasting. The results provide the foundation for optimism, and make clear that our industry should focus on welcoming a new group of consumers to the outdoor community.

According to one survey participant, “I believe it’s as important as ever before to get out into nature and enjoy it.”

It’s pretty simple.

The great outdoors is there for you when you need to disconnect or want to make a deeper connection. It lets you see little things in a new light and expands your horizons. It’s there for you no matter where you are.

You just need to reach out.

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