May 13, 2010

Yesterday, almost 9 years to the day since my senior prom, New York Times posted a story titled “Upload a Prom Dress Photo, and Hope.”  Naturally it caught the attention of all of us gals here in the CGPR office.

The article was about a Facebook group started by a Yorktown High School senior called “Don’t Steal my Prom Dress 2010” which is a way for all prom attendees of YHS in Westchester, New York, to connect and post photos of the prom dresses they have picked so they can be sure no one else shows up with the same dress.

Being the Facebook maven I am, I had to check this site out for myself.  Students are definitely taking this super seriously, as there are 152 uploaded photos of dresses that prom-goers (seniors and underclassmen alike) are either thinking about purchasing or have already purchased, requesting that other members leave comments and thoughts.  The most recent photo uploaded came from an underclassman who asked, “Before I buy this, does any senior already have it?”  Clearly, the seniors of YHS mean business.  I would have thought the group would be filled with catty comments, but I found it to be pretty positive and the girls seem to all be very supportive of one another and their dress picks.

Thinking back to my prom, way back in the dark ages of 2001 when Facebook was just a glimmer in some kid’s eye, we could have definitely benefited from a site like this.  One of my friends found her dream dress months before the prom.  We weren’t the nerds but we weren’t the most popular kids in the lunch room…so when one of popular elite of my high school showed up to the prom wearing the same dress as my friend, it was a stare down for the ages.  Everyone knew it.  But my friend handled it with style and grace, telling her twin how much she loved her dress.  Can’t say the same for the popular gal who stayed as far away as possible from my friend’s table all night.

Where, oh where, would we be without Facebook?

–Kristen Zemeitus