January 25, 2010

Even in the last four years, press conferences – once the accepted way to get breaking news to the media – haven’t been too prevalent in PR.  They’re too slow a lot of work and easily scooped. Why would reporters schlep out of the office if they have news coming instantly and effortlessly (on their part) to the screens in front of them?

Make-up mainstay Bobbi Brown recently married the old direct question-and-answer model with new technology: a Twitter press conference. Though not face-to-face, she gave real time answers to bloggers and Twitter followers.

It’s all part of her new social media strategy for 2010, dubbed Pretty Powerful, which will next include a video contest, asking real women to submit videos explaining how they go from feeling pretty to feeling powerful.

Not only did the press conference and social media strategy get her fans involved, it received tons of media coverage, from fashion blogs to NBC. Definitely worth keeping an eye on continued outreach and coverage on this new campaign.