PR Predictions for 2022

As 2022 rounds into form, there’s a lot of important work coming in the communications fields. The country, and the world, have been understandably focused on COVID. But as COVID enters its junior year,  there’s so much more that has to be done. While I have no crystal ball (just wrinkles), here are some thoughts on PR predictions for 2022:

  1. Election year politics will start to consume everything
  2. Coronavirus will still dictate the headlines
  3. Media relations will continue to be central to all PR strategies, but brands will look to their own channels for storytelling
  4. Being able to change directions quickly and with elegance will still be a required skill
  5. Our jobs will continue to be one of the most demanding on the planet propelling the great resignation, the great escape and, as a result, the great PR reset
  6. A chaotic business environment will demand more from CEOs fostering quick decisions that might not be so fabulous, resulting in a steady stream of crisis management work
  7. The climate crisis is here to stay
  8. The social media world, which saw tremendous angst in 2021 between the Facebook scandals and a change in Twitter leadership, will continue to be priorities for assignment desks, with
  9. TikTok grabbing significant mindshare
  10. The news landscape will continue to be unforgiving
  11. The guts and authenticity of the story is still more important than who you know
  12. The evolving worlds of cannabis and NFTS will test our creativity
  13. Tradeshows and how best to approach them will challenge our resilience
  14. Patience, grace, indulging in the outdoors, self-care and knowing when to say no will be critical to peace of mind in a PR world that will continue to feel like standing in front of a tennis ball machine
  15. ESG and putting purpose behind business will be on the front burner