Oh the Places You’ll go: Vaxications: Revenge travel in a Post Pandemic World


With nearly half of the U.S. population vaccinated and restrictions easing nationwide, many people are contemplating plans that allow them to return to “normal.” For many this means getting back to enjoying the experiences lost during the pandemic. One of the first orders of business: vacation. After a year of cabin fever, 70% of Americans can’t wait to start hatching plans for their first getaway. Recent data from American Express reported that 76% of people surveyed are creating their wish list of destinations for future travel, while 56% of respondents said they would book a trip now. 


Things are different out there now. Pick a place. Go. 


Book NOW: As pent up demand for travel reaches a fever pitch, hotels, rentals and campsites are filling up at lightning speed so plan ahead and lock it in. If there is concern about booking too far in advance, choose accommodations with flexible cancellation policies so you can bow out, if necessary, with little to no fee. Even outdoor destinations, such as camping and RV parks, that typically have more availability are seeing record-breaking traffic given the perception that it’s a safer alternative to hotels since social distancing is already built into the experience. In fact, a recent survey by CampgroundViews.com revealed that this year bookings are up to 50% over average. To ensure you’ll have a place to stay, think at least six months ahead. 


Do Your Homework and Know Local Covid-19 Protocol: Although many destinations around the country are opening up, COVID guidelines differ across state lines. Prior to hitting the road, get up to speed on the proper protocol for the destination you’ll be traveling to, and make sure you’re comfortable with the situation where you’re going. According to the CDC, people who are fully vaccinated can travel safely within the U.S. but should still follow CDC guidelines, which include wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others and practicing proper hand hygiene.


Get Packing: Regardless of the destination and the activities planned, a great trip starts by arriving prepared with all of the essentials needed to be comfortable. To simplify packing, we’ve laid out our favorite gear recommendations for outdoor adventures.


  • Water: Water is a must-have for staying properly hydrated on any adventure. Our go-to for travel this year is the LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel water bottle. Perfect for keeping safe and refreshingly cool drinking water on hand at all times. The built-in filter protects against harmful contaminants so it can be easily refilled at any tap or natural water source to ensure water is safe for consumption.
  • Lighting: Nite Ize’s Radiant 314 Rechargeable Lantern is great for adding light to a campsite after dark. This lantern also doubles as a backup charging station with the built in powerbank that can charge small devices from anywhere. 
  • Storage: The RunOff Waterproof Bags from Nite Ize are great for keeping clothes, and electronics dry and protected on the go. 
  • Footwear: LOWA Boots offers versatile footwear ideal for hiking mountains or exploring local food and shops. The Vento is perfect for summer with a lightweight feel and excellent support for staying comfortable all day.
  • Softies Marshmallow Hooded Shawl: The ideal vacation loungewear staple, Softies’ Women’s Marshmallow Hooded Shawl is the companion to any outfit — throw it over your working-from-home loungewear or your weekend date night dresses for lightweight warmth and soft style. A hood and a pair of roomy pockets add flair and elevate this cover-up. Its open-front design, easy armholes and full coverage provide complete coziness while staying lightweight for any weather.  Don’t expect certainty: Expect the uncertainty and plan accordingly. There are always unknowns and surprises with travel, now more than ever. Manage your expectations before you go so that when things fall apart or a change has to be made you can laugh through it.

    Don’t forget your mask: Airports, flights and some businesses still require masks. Be prepared and pack extras just in case.

    Enjoy! Relaxing getaways are beyond well deserved after the last 16 months.