Our city was taken away from us with today’s horrific events, but not for long.
We heard the news, switched on the TV and went into shock – like everyone else.
This is our event and it will continue to be our event.
Our prayers go out to those who lost their lives and to their families.
Our heartfelt thanks go out to the first responders and bystanders that didn’t hesitate to help.
The media have been relentless in their coverage but we’re okay with it.
We will take the time to reflect and think about what has happened.
And we will be sad, very sad.
But then we will be full of piss and vinegar – cheer on the Red Sox, get ready for the opening of Patriots training camp, and yes, pawk the cawr in Haaavard yard.
We love Boston and always will and we want the world to know why we love it.
Boston has a soul like no other city – and no one can take that away
We dare you.