Every summer, the $887 billion outdoor industry gathers to show products for the next year. We are so lucky to be a part of this vibrant community that is evolving to become more about every day activities attracting a wider variety of participants from all walks of life. We just left Denver’s 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and now are getting ready to attend Outdoor by ISPO tomorrow in Munich. Here is quick 30-second read on our observations of key trends gathered onsite, from media coverage as well as the most recent NPD report. Happy Reading. Stay tuned for our thoughts from ISPO next week.

·     Tariffs are top of mind

·     Small is the new big

·     The definition of the outdoor experience continues to evolve as consumers are over-scheduled with less time. It is becoming more inclusive and more reflective of everyday outdoor activities, e.g. watching kids play soccer, a walk in a neighborhood park, or an urban outing

·     Consumers are looking for a shake- up in the brand landscape

·     Sustainability is universal along with eco responsibility

·     The “less is more trend” is expanding with consumers looking to rent gear/equipment rather than own

·     Consumers want brands to be agile

·     Retailers must break out of their comfort zone in order to be relevant

·     Big growth in overlanding/car camping

·     Contemporary functionality is more inclusive taking into considerations of well-being

·     Menswear is getting adventurous with rugged utilitarian looks that are taken from the outdoor world

·     Streetwear and fashion functionality are driving the moment

·     Collaborations between established outdoor brands/niche fashion brands happening

·     There is a new holistic approach emerging taking the hard edge off of performance

·     Hard core technology is giving way to a softer side performance influenced by the consumer desire for well- being and healthy living

·     Rise in circularity

·     Performance positivity and emotional durability is trending

·     Functional textiles are rapidly evolving to include technology that takes care of the planet and merges with engineering that “takes care of human beings, easing stress of daily life”

·     Fashion and sport continue to merge and find common ground

·     There are calls for a faster, yet thoughtful manufacturing cycle: According to Kurt Gray, “Boeing makes planes faster than the outdoor industry makes jackets.”

·     Athleisure is leading growth in apparel and footwear

·     “Coming down the mountain” continues to lead industry trends, meaning gear, apparel and footwear is being designed for more every day activities and pursuits

·     The gap continues to widen—Athleisure in “IN”; Performance is “OUT”

·     Outdoor industry sales relatively flat

·     Consumers are now buying not just on quality or price but on why and how a brand does what it does

·     From “give ME what I want” to “support the ideals WE believe in.”

·     Brands are community property and everyone owns a stake

·     The public expectation of  brand has never been greater

·     “Uncruises”, to out of the way destinations on the rise

·     Call from consumers to retailers: “Make me feel good and I will buy all day long.”