With the trend in “overlanding” outdoor adventure by car taking hold in the United States, Atlantic British, the largest independent supplier of parts and accessories for Land Rover and other iconic SUV brands, approached CGPR to raise its profile and establish the brand as a category leader.

Atlantic British is celebrating its 50th anniversary and, in addition to this milestone, the company planned to exhibit at Overland Expo East 2019, the largest east coast public trade show showcasing the surging overlanding phenomenon. We knew we needed to do more in order to establish the company’s leadership position. We also knew that the opportunity was ripe—as a relatively new phenomenon, the overlanding category was lacking an abundance of industry research on its growth and didn’t yet have clearly defined category leaders. CGPR worked to establish Atlantic British as a guiding force and provider of the best products for consumers.

To establish a leadership position we began by creating a guide from Atlantic British, “Best Practices for a Successful Overlanding Experience”. We also compiled sparsely available statistics on overlanding that we offered to media as a reference, further building the image of Atlantic British as the go-to resource for everything overlanding.

Next, we capitalized on the 50th anniversary by publicizing this milestone and showcased a timeline communicating how Atlantic British has been a part of thousands of adventures. These authentic narratives of exploration fuel interest in overlanding for a demographic that lives to reach hard-to-reach destinations and enjoys off-grid travel.

As Atlantic British had not previously engaged in any kind of media relations, our initial effort focused on presenting the brand to relevant trade and consumer media, as well as the myriad of evolving influencers.

Our multi-faceted strategy worked so well because of the fact that Atlantic British exists within an emerging category, and that we recognized this reality and capitalized on it. The results have been rewarding — almost as rewarding as being on an open road behind the wheel of a Land Rover enjoying the thrill of the unknown.