With only one week left at CGPR, life after interning seems like that first bit of ocean you reach where you can’t touch the bottom any longer. Not to say I’m afraid a shark is going to come out of nowhere and bite me, more like I’m afraid I’m going to be stuck treading water forever.

When I graduated from school one year ago I entered the job market with my graduating class uneasy about what came next. It sure didn’t help when everyone was constantly reminding me of the failing job economy and always saying things like, “I don’t know what kids your age are going to do. When I graduated from school we had endless job possibilities.” Hmmm, that’s encouraging.

While the flopping economy still doesn’t have my back, I must admit I am not nearly as worried as I was a year ago. With a year of traveling, moving and interning under my belt, I feel much more confident to toss my resume into the mounds and mounds HR departments have piling up on their hard drives. If there is one thing I have learned at CGPR, it’s to never give up after only one try. Call, email, remind, remind, and then remind again to get your name heard. Because while the early bird might not always get the worm, the diligent one always gets the desk side.

– Lauren