Social medias evolving landscape and why your company needs Instagram

9.16_Blog_Image1In a consumer market infiltrated by visually oriented millennials, Instagram is quickly dominating the social media world and driving other platforms out of the frame. Many brands struggle with marketing to millennials but if theres one thing we can be sure of; its that Instagram is replacing Facebook as the (cyber) place to be.

When asked why users are abandoning Facebook to go to Instagram, Iconosquare, the first ever analytics and marketing suite for Instagram, notes the primary reason being they prefer simple, visual content to the article-sharing, chain-posting ways of Facebook. Facebook is now viewed as being only for “old” adults, while teens and 20-somethings tend to use Twitter and Instagram more actively. One 16-year-old high school student even told The Washington Post, “Facebook is the new MySpace.” Basically, teens and millennials just want to enjoy Instagram users visual storytellingwithout their parents.

Social Users

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According to research firm L2 Inc.s 2015 report, the number of Internet users on Instagram is rapidly increasing, while Facebooks numbers seem to be plateauing and even decreasing among the younger populations. As a result of this migration, brands are moving to Instagram, too. Today, more than 92% of prestige brands have an Instagram account.

Not convinced yet? Here are just a few of the benefits of using Instagram:

Your followers WILL see your posts.

Weve likely all experienced the phenomenon of having hundreds or even thousands of friends, yet only ever seeing 20 or so of them appear on our timeline. This is because of Facebooks filtering algorithms designed to feed you information from people youve clicked on in the past. Because of these Facebook algorithms, it has become increasingly more difficult for brands to reach their fans organicallyor without paying. Unlike Facebook, there is no algorithm on Instagram that could prevent your post from being seen by some of your followers. You can safely assume that all of your active followers are seeing your post.

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Instagram posts receive more user engagement

L2 Inc.s 2014 report revealed that Instagram has 15 times more user engagement as Facebook. That percentage has likely risen even more by now.

The app is user-friendly

Instagram makes it easy to edit and post photos, as well as share them. It is simple to connect to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, or foursquare accounts and share your post to any and all of these platforms at the same time. Even better, if a follower really enjoys your post, they can easily share it to Twitter and Facebook or copy the posts URL to be shared somewhere else. Let your followers help you out.

Users understand the commitment you are making

Followers know the time commitment it takes to maintain a companys Instagram account. The app does not allow for third-party posting, so every single post published in real time and must be planned out strategically to be posted at times of high activity so followers are more likely to see the post.

Visual storytelling

By allowing followers to visually explore what you have to offer, it is easy to get your point across. You can showcase your products, show support for people, places, and products your brand loves, and communicate the story of your brand. Rather than using an advertisement that solely promotes your product, followers get a feel for the overall personality of your brand. Your consumers will build a stronger connection with your brand and this will eventually result in sales and brand loyalty.

Having an Instagram account for your company is essential to succeed in todays consumer market. Not only does it allow you to connect with your target market on a more direct level, but it can also serve as a platform for advertising your companys sales and events. And, lets face it, who doesnt love free advertising?