Just about every modern company in the world today has some form of a marketing strategy. Whether it’s handing out pamphlets, building a social media following, or other more complex forms of marketing, all these companies do something to increase recognition of their brand.

But there are some examples of marketing strategies that have been so effective in capturing and growing an audience of potential consumers. And while it might not be possible to do exactly the same thing and expect the same results, there are a lot of lessons you can take from these strategies to incorporate into your own marketing campaigns.

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Reimagine Your Products to Improve Company Visibility

Something companies often express concern about is losing consistency within their products. While there is truth to the fact that consumers can begin to grow familiar with your products over time, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in variety and new offerings.

By switching up your product offerings or building on already-existing products, you not only will keep your existing customer base interested, you’ll also begin to draw-in other consumer groups. Not every new product will be a smash hit, but being willing to experiment and take chances on new products (after doing industry research and making informed decisions) can lead to some major breakthroughs for your company.

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Expand Your Target Audience on Social Media

Word of mouth, (or of tweet) is still the most effective way to spread your brand to the masses. A mistake many companies fall into the habit of, however, is being content with the following they have, and not looking for ways to grow their audience. Each social media “follower” is a potential customer. It only makes sense to cast a wider net.

There are tangible, effective ways for you to do this, too. Check out this article from Business.com on ways to effectively improve and expand your social media presence. It will include tips on how to do things like boosting and promoting social media posts, and even advertising across social media platforms.

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Consider Outside-The-Box Marketing Campaigns

Risky marketing campaigns are just that; risky. But when considered carefully and intended for a specific purpose, these campaigns can also have the largest return on investment. What do we mean when we say “risky”?

Imagine it’s the holiday season and companies are offering promotions left and right. From 50% off discounts to two-for-one specials, every company runs some kind of campaign to attract customers. An example of a risky yet ultimately beneficial campaign could be announcing that all of your company’s products during the holiday will be shipt in biodegradable packaging. A move like this is likely to garner your company some very positive publicity on social media, and while the campaign may have some cost associated up front, it has the potential to grow your customer base, strengthen your brand, and to turn a nice profit by the end of the season.

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In order to truly stand out in any industry, a company needs to be prepared, witty, and a step ahead of the competition. Incorporating the tips found within this blog is a sure-fire way to get your company’s marketing strategy moving in the right direction.