“I got magic and I got poetry in my fingertips, most of the time, and this includes naps – i’m an F-18, bro” – Charlie Sheen, 02.25.11

Over the past few months, Charlie Sheen has elected to let his freak flag fly high.  He’s everywhere right now, sparring with Alcoholics Anonymous, challenging his former boss to fight in an octagon, and defying anyone to stand in his way.  After all, he has a tiger’s blood.  He’s an F-18, bro.  At first, some thought it was Charlie just being Charlie, but in the past few days, this routine has become very old and incredibly sad. Clearly, we are watching someone with an illness unravel for ratings with network after network competing for the “first” or “longest” interview. They are feeding the beast. Will the public wake up to this? Could this be construed as unethical journalism?  Does Charlie Sheen have to be all news all the time. I don’t think so and honestly, even though I love the show, I think enough is enough.

Charlie Sheen’s obsession with speaking with the press continues to snowball and escalate daily.  You almost have to ask if he’s given up drugs and alcohol for attention and spectacle.  If that’s the case, and I’m not saying it necessarily is or isn’t, shouldn’t the media avoid enabling him?  Instead they exploit him exploiting himself.   It’s only questions we are left with.  Is Charlie Sheen bipolar and if not, as he puts it, “bi-winning?”  Where does it go from here?

The best case scenario would be for the networks to shut him off and for Charlie to go away and get help.  But what will we do without him?  I’m sure the media will go back to putting a magnifying glass on any of the other great train wrecks of Hollywood (Mel, Lindsey, Joaquin) without blinking an eye.  Lessons won’t be learned.  We’ll continue to feed the beast.