No, we’re not. But at least now I have your attention. Wait, wait – before you brand me (that’s PR talk) as a liar and never believe anything I say ever again, hear me out. There’s a new show on the E! Network about PR, so I’m afraid this is the closest CGPR is ever gonna get to having its own series. Although I always thought we’d make for a great reality show, maybe called “My Life on the PR List” or “Keeping up with CGPR.” I think after a dramatic season finale where we get a client’s product onto the Today Show, it will be announced that fellow intern Lauren and I are getting our own spinoff. But I digress.

The show, which will be called “The Spin Crowd,” is produced by Kim Kardashian, so you know that it will be held to her rigorous standards of journalistic excellence. It’s about two melodramatic, high-maintenance gay guys in Hollywood named Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck who run their own PR firm for celebrities. The few trailers I’ve seen show a lot of people running around while urgently shouting on a cell phone – it looks to me like Gossip Girl meets Black Hawk Down. As I sit in a quiet, air-conditioned office typing on a laptop on a rainy day, taking a break from logging inventory, I don’t know if it’s a totally accurate depiction of PR, but I think it’s exciting nonetheless that PR is getting its own TV show. It’s like someone’s doing PR for PR, strange as that may seem.

We at CGPR are all too familiar with the occasional blank stare that greets us when we tell someone we’re in PR. (“So wait, you guys just sit around and write press releases all day?”) So even if the show seems a little ridiculous (c’mon, people, it’s on E! – I mean, who’s kidding who here?), I’m excited to see the stuff we do every day – namely increasing the visibility of both brands and people, especially through celebrity seeding – broadcast to a wide audience. Once again, Kim Kardashian, you have helped make my life that much brighter. So until the CGPR reality show comes along, (note: I’m looking right at you, Kim. This is your next, much worthier project), this is the best we can do.

On a totally unrelated note, for those of you who were waiting with bated breath to know if I was actually able to go a full week without my MOODY, LAZY, PAPERWEIGHT OF AN IPHONE (I’m still a little bitter), umm, I wasn’t. But I was able to go a full day, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. For the record, it has been behaving a little better. I think it knows I’ve been ranting about it behind its back.