Last night’s Democratic date was supposed to be a civil forum during which the remaining Democratic candidates could discuss key topics on the minds of the voters. The format of these debates are supposed to serve the American public. Last night’s debate was anything but. It was utter chaos.

With all due respect to Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, for whom I normally have great respect, they completely lost control of the debate allowing it to turn into a school room brawl. Candidates talked over each other and disrespected each other with the end result being nothing less than a scrappy slugfest.

The candidates are not blameless. I understand that tensions are high and as as Andrew Yang, former candidate and now CNN analyst, noted the candidates were likely given the advice to come out swinging.

O’Donnell and King should have been more forceful in enforcing the debate rules keeping candidates in check, cutting them off or as they do in the Oscars, turning off their mikes.

Debate moderators play a critical role especially as the stakes get higher. They have a job to do. Last night CBS did not do its job. Its grade: Epic fail.

Man Making a Speech in Front of a Crowd