SITUATION: Yakima, an innovator in vehicle racks for boats, bikes, winter sports gear, and cargo solutions, was looking for ways to stand out at Interbike, the largest cycling tradeshow then taking place in Las Vegas. The show, due to the passion behind the sport, has an energetic, lively, edgy atmosphere. How could the brand rise above the already elevated noise and chatter to make an impact at such a colorful event while staying on message and adequately communicating the culture of Yakima?

TACTICS: Leveraging an eighty-foot tall, fire breathing “praying mantis” (constructed from an industrial dump truck) that would be present at CrossVegas, an evening event, CGPR developed an online and traditional PR strategy targeted at the trades (e.g. retailers and buyers) and the media. This included creating a concept for posters modeled after a 1950’s horror flick, in addition to a full blown social media initiative, starting with sneak peek pictures of the Praying Mantis, and finally, showcasing the full mantis in picture and video.

RESULTS: The Yakima Mantis created a buzz on the floor during the show, and at CrossVegas, the Mantis was a major attraction. Yakima gained invaluable “street-cred” for its eccentric addition to Interbike and the Las Vegas skyline. The Mantis gained coverage for Yakima when it popped up all over Twitter, and was mentioned on numerous blogs, including being featured in a Velo News video segment as the “the coolest thing at Interbike.” CGPR helped Yakima reach 435,000 viewers.