Ok, being an intern myself, I don’t want to agree with Greg Justice when he claims himself to be “The World’s Most Interesting Intern” in his new video on YouTube, but I think he’s got it locked up. He borrowed the phrase from the Dos Equis “Worlds Most Interesting Man” commercials and has rapped his way into the minds of at least 46,000 viewers so far, helping to channel Cisco’s name toward a younger crowd, kids who otherwise might not be familiar with The Human Network. 

Justice has helped shed a different light on the Cisco brand with his clever lyrics on ridiculous acronyms, ergonomic desk chairs, product placement and the President of Russia. I’m not sure if it’s his extremely normal looks or his monotone voice, but this guy makes rapping look easy. What better way to spit lyrics on blogging and tweeting than with a hip beat and conference telephone next to you?

It’s only a matter of time before he’s gracing our ears again, in concert at Madison Square Garden. Well, maybe not…but Cisco would be crazy not to offer him a job.

– Lauren Counter