Not sure who planned this trade show schedule for January, but let the madness begin.

Beginning today for the next three weeks, CGPR will attend The Shot Show in Las Vegas, Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, ISPO in Munich and the SIA Snow Show in Denver.

We will be supporting our clients that are introducing their Fall 2014 lines, and in some cases, hosting events to showcase global launches and to pay tribute to those that have made a difference in the outdoor world.

At ISPO, however, while our clients are attending, we go more to walk the show, soak up the culture and get a sense of what is trending because this is where the trends start. ISPO is a veritable buffet of everything that defines fashion, outdoor, ski, snowboard, fitness, and sport.

At each show, we interview the influencers and capture the most interesting, daring, and quirky products and happenings. From there, we develop a video that provides a peek into how people are feeling about 2014, what is resonating and what is not. Look back here in the middle of February for our take on these four key trade shows.

For Shot Show, PrimaLoft, in partnership with Sitka, an iconic hunting brand, will host a media breakfast, “What’s Up with Down”, to look at the volatility of the down market, debut its Performance Down Blends and discuss the benefits of this proprietary technology to hunters and tactical operators.

At OR Winter Market, PrimaLoft will continue its global relaunch hosting a PrimaLoft Retailer Coat Swap, where retailers are invited to turn in a gently used coat for a PrimaLoft jacket with the new PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. The coats will be donated to a local Salt Lake City shelter. adidas Outdoor continues the tradition it started with the Outdoor Inspiration Awards held in partnership with OR. These important awards recognize individuals, companies and non-profits for their roles in encouraging participation in the outdoors. W.L. Gore & Associates will sponsor the 2014 GORE-TEX Wasatch Ski Mountaineering Race at Solitude Mountain Resort. The race will support the USSMA and is open to anyone over 18 and any ability level.

At the SIA Snow Show, PrimaLoft will engage its partners in the snow sports world where its new Performance Down Blends bring a new world of warmth to snow sport passionistas.

At the conclusion of these three weeks, similarities begin to evolve even though the communities may be completely different.

What do we predict we will see? Here are our trend predictions:

  • Color is still front and center and even more playful — no matter what the category
  • Garments and footwear will be even more light-weight
  • Wearable technology will explode
  • Fashion will play a more important role, especially in core outdoor
  • Versatility is king, as consumers want the option of transitioning from activities to a night on the town
  • Consumers will nurture their love affairs with heritage brands
  • Wool, wool and wool
  • The down and down synthetic offerings and their accompanying technologies will expand
  • Marketing and advertising will showcase inclusiveness, not the forlorn mountaineer that is always alone —
  • Private equity will continue to circle
  • Only the strongest brands will survive because the marketplaces across the board are incredibly cluttered, some worse than others
  • Mobile technology will lead marketing and sales decisions
  • Social media will be omni-present though the social media darling of the month will be a game of musical chairs with the exception of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Consumers will be more forceful in driving brands, not the other way around
  • And lastly, the impact of a front page story above the fold in the New York Times or in the Wall Street Journal will continue to grab the world’s attention — traditional media is far from dead — it co-exists with new media with each serving a distinct purpose
  • We look forward to seeing friends, testing our premises and discovering what the future holds.