Along with the rest of the country, we just finished watching the U.S. win their group in dramatic fashion. In our little suburban office here on the North Shore of Boston, there were no cheers to be heard out the window. But I know my friends and acquaintances across the country are just as fired up as I am. How? Facebook, of course. Here are a few of the page-long status updates dedicated to America’s team:

Wow that was an amazing finish. So fired up right now.
The miracle on grass! Especially proud to be an American today…
USA!! USA!! USA!! WHAT A GAME!!!! Americans are GRINDING and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

The country is fired up and wants to share the glory. Being a Wednesday morning, most of us are in our offices, adding the game to our list of multitasks to check off for the day. Enter Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc. for us to share the excitement, even from behind our solitary desks.

The World Cup itself has jumped headlong into social media this year. Mashable takes a great look at the history of the World Cup and social media here, showing the progression from nonexistence to good saturation for 2010.