Trade shows offer unique opportunities for companies to improve on their products, and strengthen their brand. But in order for a company to effectively do this, they need to have their priorities in order before they ever step foot into the event. However, this is often easier said than done.

The specifics of any trade show marketing strategy are naturally going to vary based on the needs, goals, and industry of the organization. But if implemented and followed correctly, these 5 tips will help your company maximize on the potential of the event.

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#5. Set Specific Goals

While this tip is in the number five spot on our list, it could just as easily be number one. Having a specific and outlined set of goals for a trade show will help give purpose and direction to your strategy. Going into an event like a trade show without any solid goals is, in many ways, a waste of time.

The best types of goals to set will be measurable, and realistic. Things like; getting people to sign up for newsletters, connecting with other companies on social media, or even making sales all make attainable, productive goals.

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#4. Build Relationships With Competitors

One of the most beneficial parts of tradeshows is building relationships that can, in one way or another, benefit your organization. And while most of your focus is typically on building relationships with potential customers, there is a lot you can learn from your competitors, too.

We obviously aren’t saying you should swap company secrets with the company you’re competing against, but you can learn a bit more about other organizations with a little bit of human connection. You might be surprised at just how much your competitors are willing to talk, listen, and share with you.

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#3. Launch New Products at the Event

Generating buzz for your company is almost always a good thing. It’s even better when you can capture the attention of the industry all within one day. By planning a product launch during a trade show, there will be a buzz surrounding your company before, during, and after the event.

Think about which potential product would be received best by the crowd at the show, then plan the release accordingly. You’re more than likely to see at least a few social media posts about the release as your reward.

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#2. Have Your Social Profiles Ready

In today’s world, people might visit your facebook page before they visit your booth at the trade show. Prepare for this by ensuring your social media profiles are organized, up to date, and offering visitors a way to engage with your company. You’re very likely to see an increase in traffic to your social profiles during a trade show, don’t squander the opportunity by not having your profiles prepared and professional.

It’s also a great idea to take photos and videos from the event to share to your followers across your social media platforms.

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#1. Attend the Right Trade Shows

All the preparation that you put into your trade show marketing strategy will be useless if you aren’t attending the right show. Identifying what shows will be the best fit for your organization is half the battle, but doing so will require a fair share of research and commitment.

Attending the first trade show you hear about, or the one that happens to be closest to your company’s location, is a pretty great way to waste your time and energy. By taking the time to research shows throughout the entirety of the area, and asking around to learn about shows with a great reputation, you have a much better chance of aligning yourself with potential customers, vendors, and partners that you can really build relationships with.

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Trade shows can be an often under-utilized event that can propel a company through their industry. If you’re taking the time to attend one of these events, you also need to come up with a strategy.