At CGPR, our passion for outdoor sports helps keep us connected to our clients, and motivated to constantly improve and push ourselves to be the best version of “us” that we can be. As a result, we try to spend as much time as possible doing the things we love to do.

Unfortunately, this past winter in New England hardly felt like winter at all. Snowfall was scarce, temperatures fluctuated, and the Patriots didn’t play on Super Bowl Sunday. For those of us who love the snowy season, it’s fair to say that this winter was a let down throughout much of the North East.

The good news? Summer is right around the corner, and with the blue skies and sunshine comes tons of new possibilities to get off our couches and get active. Here are 4 outdoor sports that you can try in areas throughout New England that will make this summer one to remember.

A New England Light House on the Water

Mountain Biking

New England has tons and tons of possibilities in regards to mountain biking, and while you probably know someone who is into the sport, you may have never found the time to try it yourself. Take this blog as your official invitation to give the sport a shot.

There are trails throughout New England that are famous for high-quality mountain biking. Just check out this interactive guide from the New England Mountain Bike Association to find the trail closest to you. Then, if you have any concerns about getting started, check out this blog full of tips for beginners.

A Man Mountain Biking
Beach Volleyball

If you’ve ever tried to play beach volleyball, even just for fun, then you already know about just how tough the sport can be. Physically, running around on the beach is enough to have you working up a good sweet. The sport will also test your hand-eye coordination, and force you to react at rapid speeds.

If you’re looking to make things a bit more competitive, then take a look at the official rules of the sport. While you’re going to need a few more people to play be the official rules, it makes for an afternoon of competitive, but friendly, fun.

Men playing beach volleyball
Tubing/River Rafting

The tubing/river rafting trend has been a popular one in New England over the last few years. As a result, more and more locations for these kinds of tours and adventures are popping up all over the region. This is precisely why this summer is the perfect summer to cool down on the river.

Tubing on the river is exactly what it sounds like: riding on a tube as the current of the river moves you (at various different speeds and tempos).

Here’s a great guide from Tripadvisor on some of the most popular locations for rafting throughout New England. Many of the most popular spots will be found in Maine and Massachusetts, but the other states that comprise New England have a few spots of their own as well.

Children water tubing on a lake

Kitesurfing is one of the more intense options on this list, but it’s also one of the most fun. If you aren’t familiar with the sport, we’ll first give you the Wikipedia definition which reads, “kitesurfing, is an action sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing into one extreme sport.” and while we love this definition, we also think the classification of, “extreme sport” could scare people away.

While this sport certainly does take a solid level of athleticism, and definitely isn’t for everyone, there are still plenty of people who would love the sport that have probably never tried it. If you’re planning on trying Kitesurfing for the first time, it probably makes sense to do some reading on the topic beforehand. Here’s a blog from Real Water Sports on 10 things every beginner needs to know before kiteboarding.

Man Kite Surfing

We’re confident that any one of the four options in this blog will lead to you enjoying your summer a little bit more. Consider trying them all at some point to see which sport is best for you.