1. Announce an All Encompassing NFL Domestic Violence Playbook
Reacting on a case-by-case basis has to stop. Develop a comprehensive Domestic Violence Playbook with very clear goals that not only involves training the players, but also, the coaches, management, and, yes, the owners. Clearly, we have seen that players in the last two weeks have committed unthinkable acts against wives, girlfriends, four year olds and now an 18-month old toddler. However, coaches and management are also to blame with their edicts that seem to change with the wind. Here is what the specifics might look like:

– Announce a goal of reducing domestic violence by 50% in two years, and non issue in five years

– Establish the NFL Domestic Violence Foundation providing funding for victims with a starting seed of $50 million funded annually by the NFL with a corresponding website, social media and marketing programs and 800 number for victims

– A specific training program for team players that is mandatory to attend, with a penalty of $25,000 for missing one session

– A specific training program for coaches that is mandatory to attend, with a penalty of $25,000 for missing one session

– A meeting of all owners to address the domestic violence situation with the requirement that each owner come back to the NFL in 30 days with a tailored program for their own team organizations

2. Hold a Real Press Conference the Outlining Domestic Violence Playbook Within Two Weeks
The NFL must show that it is committed to the issue for the long term and not just continue to look like it is playing catch up. The NFL must host a REAL press conference within two weeks to announce its domestic violence initiatives. The women recently appointed by Goodell should appear along with a more diverse showing of his internal staff to whom he made reference at his press conference.

3. Issue a Public Letter of Apology in Print and Online Media
The NFL must issue a public letter of apology for their completely inept handling of the matter, commit to doing better and include the details of the new Domestic Violence Playbook in full page ads in the nations top 20 newspapers.

4. NFL Listening Town Halls
The NFL should host town hall meetings where each team is located to provide a forum to discuss domestic violence. Isaacson, Friel, Randal and or Smith should be present working with the local domestic violence group. Findings and discussions from these Town Hall forums should be posted on the NFL Domestic Violence Foundation website.

5. Media Training For Players and Coaches Specifically on Domestic Violence
NFL players receive media training as part of their induction into the pros. Clearly, the recent events show there is clear lapse when discussing domestic violence, with players such as Reggie Bush saying that, “he would not leave any bruises” on his one year old and Calvin Johnson pretty much laughing during his comments on disciplining his kids.

6. Public Service Commercials During Every Game Providing 800 Numbers for Victims of Abuse
Beginning next week, start a campaign immediately of public service TV commercials during every game providing numbers for victims of domestic abuse to call.

7. Onsite Information Centers at NFL Games
Have information booths at every NFL games for the NFL Domestic Violence Foundation that provides literature on how to get help, etc.

8. Yearly NFL Domestic Violence Conference
Host an annual conference on domestic violence that brings together experts, victims, professionals, etc. to discuss the challenges and progress made in domestic violence. The NFL pays for the entire conference.

9. NFL Domestic Violence Spokespeople Utilizing Players
Using respected players in the NFL, develop a series of commercials that addresses the issues of domestic violence with an 800 number for victims to call.

10. Establish an NFL Domestic Abuse Office That Has Clear Functionality and Power
Clearly, there are more instances that we are not hearing about. The NFL should establish a department that specifically addresses this issue.