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When and where did your PR career begin?

As a young girl, my favored past times were reading and writing. I’d spend hours immersed in someone else’s narratives and soon enough, dreamed of creating my own. After acceptance into Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications, with sights set on broadcast journalism, I realized that my calling was public relations. PR blended strategy, writing and creativity. Plus, the career offered a beeline to fast-paced newsrooms and the media gatekeepers I once wanted to emulate. When it came time to complete my collegiate internship, I applied to intern at the PR agency that represented Reebok given that I paid my way through college working as an aerobics instructor and fitness trainer. While putting together press kits for the Reebok Aerobics Championships, I realized I was blending my personal passion and career aspirations—which ultimately became my recipe for success.

What was your first job and how did you get it?

My first job was with McGrath Power Public Relations, a boutique high technology and consumer PR agency headquartered in Silicon Valley. The firm, consistently listed as a “Top 25 PR Agency” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, was where I “cut my teeth” and learned PR from savvy mentors and media relations experts. Clients included TiVo, Reebok, RSA Security and a slew of venture-backed technology startups, providing fertile ground for rapid-fire education about trade shows and events to earned and paid media. While at McGrath Power, my passion for PR was solidified, and the lessons I learned while in the agency’s employ became the foundation for my successful career trajectory as a PR pro, consultant, strategist and entrepreneur. After interning at the agency, I was offered a full-time position which, after seven years, led to my being selected to launch the agency’s first east coast office in Boston.

Where is your dream travel location and why?

Having had the good fortune and opportunity to travel abroad, I’ve found that every location visited can become a dream location under the right circumstances. Italy and Ireland are at the top of my list because both are known for sweeping cliffs and ocean views, warm residents, and authentic cuisine.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

I wouldn’t need a single thing because I’d never get stranded on a desert island. I don’t prefer the tropics and can be regularly found in the mountain-lake regions around the world. If pressed, I’d channel my inner-Tom-Hanks-in-CASTAWAY and hope for an ice skate, lighter, and some form of hammer so that I could execute a successful self-rescue just as he did (minus Cro-magnon-style tooth removal and undertaker duties).