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We Are Still Boston Strong – Despite the Winter

April 17, 2015

After a record-breaking winter, the city of Boston comes to life once again as it prepares for the 119th Boston Athletic Association's Marathon. The city accumulated 110.3 inches of snow from November to March 2015, and an estimated $35 million was spent to remove it all. During these months, many local runners had to find alternative methods for training. Many say that they've become much more familiar with their treadmills' as marathon-training clinics were cancelled citywide.

10 PR Tips For Roger Goodell To “Get It Right”

September 20, 2014

1. Announce an All Encompassing NFL Domestic Violence Playbook Reacting on a case-by-case basis has to stop. Develop a comprehensive Domestic Violence Playbook with very clear goals that not only involves training the players, but also, the coaches, management, and,...

7NEWS from CGPR at noon

March 4, 2011

We decided to go to 7News when my “Media Relations and Publicity” professor asked us to take a poll of which news outlets we wanted to visit. Of course 7NEWS was on the list. So on February 28th, we took...