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SITUATION: Canada Goose, an iconic fashion brand in Canada with a respected heritage, was looking to establish its authenticity in the U.S. outdoor community. Canada Goose tasked CGPR with introducing the brand to outdoor retailers. 

TACTICS: In addition to media relations, CGPR created the concept of bringing a Canadian tradition of hockey to the Outdoor Retailer trade show with a charitable component targeting The Conservation Alliance. CGPR created The Canada Goose Cup during which teams would complete in street hockey. The firm leveraged a close relationship with show management that would prove to be instrumental to the success of the event. CGPR executed the marketing plan, made outreach to the industry, developed rules and regulations for the event, and secured equipment that including building two life size hockey rinks, securing the cheer leaders from the Utah Jazz, securing all equipment and handling all logistical details.

Marketing and PR was crucial for the success of this event, as it was the first time a street hockey tournament was hosted at this show. This event was about incorporating a mainstay of the Canadian culture, and providing a healthy and competitive format to bring together industry CEOs while connecting with a leading conservation group.

RESULTS: The event was a solid success and the talk of the show; there was so much interest in the event that slots for the next game were quickly filled and some groups had to be wait-listed. Every team sported incredibly creative outfits and uniforms. In the end, $4,800 was raised for The Conservation Alliance, and new business relationships that Canada Goose previously didn’t have were created. The result was a new level of visibility in the industry and an established tradition at the industry’s largest trade show.

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