CGPR is a public relations firm with a consumer focus, leveraging a wide scope of expertise on behalf of clients that are established leaders in their industries. This broad experience enables the Agency to utilize its expertise across a variety of categories including media relations, social media, corporate communications, government relations, crisis management, and strategic planning.

The Agency, founded 20 years ago by Chris Ann Goddard, has a staff with a proven track record from both the agency and client perspectives. The focus of the agency emanates from Chris, who has almost 40 years of public relations experience. She has built a team of public relations veterans, known for their ability to have an excellent working knowledge of their clients’ business. This enables the team to function as a partner in the business, not just a service provider.

The one criterion established at the Agency’s founding was to only work with clients who are involved in or that manufacture products for which the team has a passion. This approach has been an important element to the success of the Agency, not only because passion breeds enthusiasm and great work, but also, because passion results in commitment. CGPR provides first class customer service that generates long-term relationships with clients, averaging a minimum of five to seven years, above the industry average.